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Starting at $9.95/month / unlimited Canada Calling
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We are very excited to bring you a combination of technologies that will soon change the world of communications. Victel is proud to provide you with the features not available with other telephone companies, as well as traditional offerings customers have come to expect, in our low cost monthly plans.

We appreciate your confidence in us, and hereby offer our commitment to excellence. Enjoy your Victel service and let us know how much you enjoy it. Team

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What others are saying

At first I was afraid digital phone service would not sound like regular phone service because of what I had heard about it, but VICTEL’s quality is excellent, sounds just like the service I had with SBC. My wife put my mother in law on hold and the music on hold feature really impressed everyone! I am still discovering all of these great features. THANK YOU very much!!

Nicole Moore, Hamilton, ON

I just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing this phone service has been for my family and I. We have been able to speak to our family all over the U.S. and even Canada. We love all the features we have with it too! Being able to use the find me follow me option and having our phones ring simultaneously wherever we are is the greatest option ever. But more importantly it is so cheap we were thinking about getting another line. Just wanted to thank you!

Rocco Perri, Niagara Falls, ON

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